About Our Founder


Deanna Nelson

CEO, Infin8lives


My name is Deanna the creator of Infin8lives and the delicious items on the menu. I specially created Infin8lives meal prep company to help maintain a healthy diet while managing everyday lifestyles. I was a trainer for 10 years and nutrition counselor, the biggest downfall was diet and not knowing what to eat after my clients left the gym, so I designed recipes for anyone trying to reach an overall health goal or just needs to eat better for any reason. I mastered flavor and healthy which gave me the motivation to create mouthwatering, can’t put your fork down menu items that feels guilt free eating your favorite entrees while getting healthier at the same time. Enjoy homemade savory and creamy sauces, mixed spices & herbs, and a variety of delicious dishes! Remember “You are what you eat” so eat right and feel good!